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Weight-Lifting - 7 Reasons To Start Today!


Adding a weight-lifting workout routine into your life, could really help you in more ways than one. Today I'm going to give you 7 reasons why you should include some form of weight-lifting into your life.


Here goes...


1. Weight Lifting Burns Fat, Whilst You're At Rest, Doing Absolutely Nothing


Weight-lifting really boosts your metabolism and will increase the number of calories you burn in a 24 hour day. You might even burn extra calories while you sleep.


This can help shred fat off your body in super quick time.


2. You'll Build More Strength In Your Muscles & Joints, Not To Mention A Stronger Back


In our everyday life, we are constantly having to lift things from children to furniture to grocery shopping. So by building strength in your joints and muscles, especially the back, you can be safe in the knowledge that you are much less likely to have muscle pains and injuries!


3. You'll Build Stronger Bones


Yes you did read right! Weight-lifting not only builds muscle but also makes your bones stronger and denser. This can be the best defense against osteoporosis. So get into the gym and give your bones a solid workout too!


4. You'll Build Hot Muscle, That Will Have All The Girls Staring. And You Know That's Going To Boost Your Confidence.


Okay, I'm sure you know this. With weight-lifting, you get the huge benefit of more shaped, lean and toned muscles. Imagine having a shredded, buff and muscular physique, what would that do for your confidence? That alone, should be motivation enough!


5. Weight Training Can Decrease The Likelihood Of Developing Diabetes


Weight lifting helps increase glucose uptake by the muscles and helps the body store glucose. This decreases the likelihood of getting diabetes. It also helps those that suffer from it too.


6. You Will Improve Your Posture


Via weightlifting, you will strengthen your core muscles. This helps develop a better posture and makes you look more attractive to members of the opposite sex.


7. You'll Be More Energetic


Weight lifting makes you feel great, You will feel less lethargic and more active, ready for life ahead!

So now you know why you should start weight-lifting. No more excuses! :)

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