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Why Choose The

BB4I Affiliate Program?


  • I offer you the maximum 75% comission on a $77 product. That's $52.67 per sale. BUT I also offer you a bonus scheme on top:
  • >
    If you make between 30-89 Full Sales In A Calendar Month, I'll give you a solid $1 EXTRA For Each Sale You Made!
    If you make between 90-149 Full Sales In A Calendar Month, I'll give you an amazing $2 EXTRA For Each Sale You Made!
    If you make more than 150 Full Sales In A Calendar Month, I'll give you an whopping $3 Extra For Each Sale You Made!


  • You can feel comfortable in the knowledge that you are promoting a great product. The Bodybuilding 4 Idiots System is a unique, up to date and detailed muscle growth and fat destroying system, written fully by myself, that not only delivers a WOW factor when first read, but also delivers actual results for all my customers, including any that you may actually recommend. This is no PLR like thousands of other products on the market! This is shown by the extremely low refund rate!


  • The sales pitch has been written in conjunction with some of the top and most expensive copywriters in the industry. We have edited, tested and perfected the sales page in order to convert at one of the highest rates in the industry.


  • To capture more sales and leaving visitors, there is 21-day trial offer for $6.95 as a DOWNSELL. The remaining $70.05 will be taken 21 days later, so you increase the chances of a full sale versus other sites!


  • Unlike most other clickbank programs, using the "Bodybuilding4Idiots Affiliate Link Generator", you can send your users to multiple different landing pages, including articles, my blog, free gift pages and multiple sales pages, which suit you and your market!


  • You get a TON of other resources and tutorials to help you successfully promote this site AND can make money in a load of different ways! Plus I'm constantly adding new resources, so you're always ahead of the game!


  • This Affiliate Program is managed by ClickBank, so you know your commission check will be safely delivered to you every 2 weeks without fail and that your referrals will be tracked for 60 days, so even if they buy later, YOU STILL GET THE COMISSION


What are you waiting for! You can get started by using the tools outlined on the left hand side!


DISCLOSURE: I am an affiliate for Clickbank. If you purchase anything from them or use their services through my links to them, my company will earn a small comission.