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Having the ability to give away a PDF report or EBOOK filled with content and your affiliate link can be a very effective affiliate tool. You can use it to "Bribe" people for their email address or just use it as something to give away and hope the viral nature of it gets your affiliate link out there and clicked on.

In fact here are 3 things you can do with this tool for affiliate success:

1) Give This Away As A Gift To On Your Blog, On Your Website Or To Your Email List In A Newsletter (maybe after reviewing it) And Encourage Everyone To Share It. Really Make It Viral So It Spreads Your Affiliate Link Out There!

2) Use It To Bribe People To Give You Their Email Address, so you can also sell to them via email and through the ebook/report.

3) Add it as a free bonus gift for people purchasing your productl. This way you can make money on the backend by giving them great content but still selling them on the idea of buying bodybuilding 4 idiots through your affiliate link.

The viral report I'm giving you is

**"TOP 20 MUSCLE BUILDING MISTAKES...SOLVED" manual.**- It's filled with bright, colourful and vivid pictures and is professionally designed and optimized to provide you with the most clicks on your affiliate link.

Follow the instructions below to use it:


To Get This Ebook/Report With Your Very Own Affiliate Links Inserted Inside, Simply Follow The 6 Easy Steps Below:

1) Download PDFBrand.exe, by right-clicking and clicking "Save Target As" Or "Save Link As" on The Link Below:


2) Download The Brandable Ebook/Report by right-clicking and clicking "Save Target As" Or "Save Link As" on The Link Below:

Rebrandable "Top 20 Muscle Building Mistakes...Solved"

3) Now find the location of the file PDFBrand.exe, which you downloaded in step 1), and open the rebrander software up.

4) Now find the PDF Brandable Ebook/Report you downloaded in step 2) & drag and drop it into the software, where it says to.

5) Now click the "Brand" button, you will then be asked to input your Clickbank ID, ensure you do that (If you don't have one go and sign up for a FREE account with clickbank.com.).

6) Once you have typed your clickbank ID in, finally click the "Save" button and save it with whatever name you wish. This new pdf file will now contain only your affiliate links!

If you have any questions or technical difficulties, please contact our affiliate help desk on affiliates@bodybuilding4idiots.com.


DISCLOSURE: I am an affiliate for Clickbank. If you purchase anything or use their services through my links to them, my company will earn a small comission.