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Pay-Per-Click & Google Ads

Pay-per-click Ads (PPC Ads) are simply those sponsored ads that come up at the the top and the side of the search engine results, WHEN you search for a certain term (or keyword).

Google ads are just the PPC ads which show up in google, the number 1 search engine! However you should also look at Yahoo, Bing, Ask & Lycos (these are the top search engines).

Here are some sample ads for you to either use or to help give you some ideas for ads you can run (However, I strongly suggest you create your own personalized ads for the keywords being searched and create a landing page also. I explain why in the "PPC NOTES" below and in my Adwords & PPC tutorial):

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The ads above are great, BUT there are two very important things you should be aware of when running a google PPC campaign:


Google released a policy a few years ago which prevents URL sharing. In other words, they are preventing affiliates from running the same ads others may be running, which are directed to a same destination URL.

Hence it is always best to have a landing page or squeeze page in between the process. So the process is something like this:

Google Ad => Landing/Squeeze Page URL (unique URL owned by you) => Bodybuilding Sales Page

I give you templates to use for landing pages and squeeze pages as part of my marketing tools, and also explain how you best can use them. It is important to personalize these, as I explain in PPC NOTE #2.


To lower you cost per click and to ensure you don't get in trouble with google, relevancy is the key to achieving success with PPC. That means the google ad has to be relevant to the Keyword being searched and the landing/squeeze page has to be relevant to the keyword being searched.

So in other words you have to ensure you personalize the ad and the landing page that the ad leads to, in conjunction with the keyword you are bidding on (i.e. must contain the keyword(s) and has to have other related keywords in the document).

Hence even though I have given you these templates for google ads below AND the landing/squeeze templates, to be truly successful you are going to have to edit and rework these ads and landing pages. for the keywords you are bidding on.

I do suggest you look through my PPC and Adwords tutorial, which is coming soon, to get a better understanding of this, before beginning a PPC campaign.