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Knowing which keywords you should be targeting with your Adwords campaigns is really important. But keyword research and coming up with ideas for keywords are hard.

So I've done the hard work for you. I've done the research and come up with over 1600 of the best keywords, which will deliver results and have high quality scores when directing to a solid bodybuilding website! You can use this keyword research to also come up with domains that will succeed on google as well!

To make life easier, I've even split these keywords into ULTRA targeted ad groups, so you can just plug and play in your adwords account.

I strongly advise you to write a seperate ad for each of these ad groups, you can really get high click through rates. With my testing, I managed click through rates of above 10%! That is no joke. Most would be happy with 2-3%.

So here is the list in excel and pdf formats..you know the score...just right click on the links below and click on "Save Target As" or "Save Link As":

Download Over 1600 Keywords Split Into Ultra-Targeted Ad-Groups (Microsoft Excel File)

Download Over 1600 Keywords Split Into Ultra-Targeted Ad-Groups (Adobe PDF file)