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How To Get Started

In this section, we will cover the basics steps you will need to cover in order to become a successful internet marketer. It is important you follow these 6 steps fully:

1. Read the Bodybuilding 4 Idiots Affiliate Agreement, Anti-Spam Policy & Earnings Disclaimer FIRST. You must agree to these terms before you can become a bodybuilding4idiots.com affiliate.

If you do NOT agree to these terms, you are NOT able to become a bodybuilding4idiots.com affiliate! So please leave this section now.

2. Create your Clickbank account And Generate your Unique Affiliate Link Using The Bodybuilding4Idiots Affiliate Link Generator

Creating a clickbank account is easy. Go to the clickbank website, clickbank.com, and simply click on the Sign up button at the top. You’ll fill in your personal details and pick your own personal Clickbank account name (also know as your ‘Clickbank ID’). Go on and do this right now.

You are now able to get your unique bodybuilding4idiots affiliate link. Simply input your CLICKBANK ID into the Bodybuilding4Idiots Affiliate Link Generator and choose the landing page you want to direct to (if you're a beginner I suggest the main sales page) and it will output your affiliate link in seconds. Click Here to go do that.

It’s vital you create this link correctly or else you will not receive credit for your sales!

3. Buy A Domain Name And Mask Your Affiliate Link

So you now have an affiliate link. When an internet user clicks on this link, it will send them to my sales page. If this user buys the bodybuilding4idiots system, you receive $52.67 for that sale.

It’s that easy. However we want to increase the likelihood of an internet user clicking on your link, so you can make more sales.

One of the best ways of achieving this, is by masking your unattractive looking affiliate link with a very attractive looking domain name. So when a user clicks on it, it redirects them through your affiliate link to the bodybuiling4idiots website. So you do not have to design or create a website when doing this.

This is so successful, it can actually double your sales. But it is important to try and ensure that the domain you use is short, easy to remember, contains the key words people may be searching for and is benefit orientated.

Examples include MassMuscleGrowth.com, XplosiveMusclegrowth.com, PackMuscle.com.

You can purchase domains (and hosting) from Hostmonster.com.

4. Read The Rest Of The Tutorials And Learn How To Drive Traffic, Build Lists And Increase Click Through Rates

Most affiliate programs leave out this information. However getting traffic, building email lists and getting more people to click on your affiliate link is an actual science.

The ones that start out without this knowledge are the ones that usually fail in this business. The ones that study this information and actually follow it to a tee, are the ones that make the millions in the industry.

That’s why I have provided you with everything that you need to learn and understand affiliate marketing. Even though this won’t take that long, it is the true difference between success and failure. So make sure you take your time and do this first.

5. Now Take Action, And Use What You Learnt And The Marketing Tools To Get Your Link Seen And Clicked On

You know have complete knowledge on how to achieve success, but its important you don’t stop there, now you must take the action to MAKE it a Success.

Each of the tools I provide you, come with an explanation on how you can use them. Using all of them is not necessary, however the more you use, the more likely you are to make more money.

So do take your time to look over each of them and use the ones you feel more suited to.

6. Watch the $$ roll in

This is the easy bit, now you’ve taken action, you can simply watch dollars appear in you bank account, like magic. You’ll be earning money while you sleep, while you eat, while you go on holiday and while you’re relaxing in that brand new Jacuzzi you just bought because you could finally afford it.

You’ll be shocked at how much you earn and how easy it can be.

It truly is as easy as that. These 5 steps are the easy way to making money online. Whatever you do, make use of this affiliate center to maximize your earnings.

DISCLOSURE: I am an affiliate for Clickbank and Hostmonster. If you purchase anything from them or use their service through my link to them above, my company will earn a small comission.