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I want to make promoting Bodybuilding 4 Idiots really easy! SO I've provided you with fully customizable websites, which you can literally have up in minutes!

Rather than just driving traffic to my sales pitch page, it has been proven that you can achieve higher conversions with the use of a pre-sell page, review page or an optin page.

So rather than you having to create your own from scratch, I've giving you websites for FREE!

And the great thing is, these are no normal websites, they are professionally designed and filled with content, specifically designed to create high conversions! AND in case you don't have your own autoresponder account, I have plugged in mine, so that I can chase up prospects for you with my very own autoresponder course!

DON'T WORRY, I use naked links, so if someone clicks on your affiliate link and then buys through my auto-responder (as long as it's within 60 days from clicking your link), you'll still get commission! That means, unlike most other clickbank programs, you don't lose out on all those customers who were leaving without buying on their first visit!

Our affiliate site can be used by anyone from complete beginners to advanced users and programmers, so you can start earning money from these no matter your experience. You just got to drive traffic to your site and you will earn up to $55.77 each and every time someone clicks on one of the links on your web site and buys the bodybuilding 4 Idiots system!


1. Decide on which website you want to use as presell/review website or a optin page with a viral ebook!

A. Presell/Review Website- Which warms the person up to buy, with a very informal, and personal review of the bodybuilding for idiots system. You can also have an optin form on this page (which is provided already).

Click here to see a preview of the presell/review website

B. Optin Page with viral ebook - Designed to collect email addresses with an ebook that contains you affiliate links, and then for you to chase up on with your OWN autoresponder after.

Click here to see a preview of the optin page with viral ebook website

2. Next, download the files from the links below. Simply right click on the link and click on "Save Target As" or "Save Link As". Then unzip them (can do this with the free program from 7-zip)

Presell/Review Website Files (ZIP file)

Optin Page Files (ZIP file)

3. Edit the site files using an html editor, to replace the links within the site with your affiliate link. Put your name in there and even change the optin to your own if you wish! Do whatever you want to do with the files, to make the site more personalized to you!

You require an html editor and two of the best programs (which do cost money) are Macromedia Dreamweaver (recommended and the one I personally use) or Microsoft Frontpage. You can also learn to write your own html and do it by hand in a simple program such as Notepad if you have some prior experience with coding.

There are FREE html editors like seamonkey if you are looking to save money. These are good initial html editors and can and will do the job. However if you are looking for a solution that you can use long into the future, then I suggest you look into the paid options!

With these you can edit the files and personalize them. These are the areas I suggest you look into:

A. Substitute all the links on all the pages with your affiliate links-

That includes image links as well as normal links. You must replace the links, which at the moment are just naked links directing directly to bodybuilding4idiots.com, with your affiliate link. If you do not do this you will not be credited for your sale!

B. Put your name in, and even add a picture if you can...

You can even use a pen name and doesn't have to be an actual picture of you, if you are not comfortable with that. However doing this step can help increase conversions!

C. Substitute you own autoresponder in place of mine if you wish, but if not keep the existing autoresponder intact

Autoresponder courses are really one the most effective ways to bring in sales. See, prospects need to be chased up and reminded that the product exists and is right for them. In fact, in the majority of cases it will take being pitched to around 7 times to convert to sale.

So I strongly suggest either you substitute the existing sign up box with a sign up box for YOUR OWN AUTORESPONDER, (This is a must if you are using the optin-template) OR If you do not have your own autoresponder email software, then I encourage you to leave these forms intact and to not touch them in any way.

See when someone signs up with you, I will chase them for you through our Aweber autoresponder account, and also provide them loads of relevant content. Now as long as they have clicked your affiliate link within 60 days, that chasing up could convert to a sale for you!

I would like to point out that the emails we send out to the people that sign up at your site do not contain your affiliate link, because it is physically impossible for us to do so! But because our links are naked links AND not affiliate links in the emails, that is the reason why you will be credited with a sale if they buy through the link in the email AS LONG AS they have clicked on your affiliate link sometime in the previous 60 days!

This is still better than having no autoresponder at all! Think of it this way, if someone comes to your site and clicks your affiliate link OR downloads your FREE Viral ebook (without having to optin) and clicks your affiliate link there but does NOT buy at that PARTICULAR time and just leaves, it is more than likely that sale won't ever occur and that customer is a lost customer! But by leaving the autoresponder in tact, you are increasing the chances of converting each prospect that comes to your page and clicks your link into a sale, as you now have a way to chase them! They are no longer a lost customer!

In other words without an autoresponder, your sales are likely to decrease! Don't take it out whatever you do!

D. Personalize it and make It honest

Honest, personalized reviews and optin pages always work better than just the use of templates. In fact I feel it is important that you ensure that the pages depict your honest viewpoint and not a fake one, as this can mislead customers!

So within the templates insert your information where it says "your contact information" and "www.yourwebsiteurl.com"

Also, the sites I have given you convert well, but with testing you can improve that depending on the type of traffic coming to your website. Remember not all traffic is equal and each page will convert differently according to who is coming to your website! Making tweaks will only improve your profitability!

4. Sign up with my recommend hosting service, HOSTMONSTER

To put your website online you need to get hosting and register a domain. The company I recommend and personally use is Hostmonster. So go sign up with them.

I've found them be extremely reliable and they offer fantastic support round the clock. I honestly believe they are the best on the web and they offer really competitive prices too.

Then, In the “I Need A Domain” section of Hostmonster you must pick a whatever “.com” domain name you want and you will get this for FREE!!

For ideas on domain names go to a great FREE service called Domain Bot. However it is important for SEO and for google adwords campaigns you try and include popular keyword phrases within your domain. You can find this sort of info out, using the FREE google keywords tool or using Keyword Elite 2.0, which is a great piece of software if you can afford it.

I also suggest you stick to .com and NOT anything else like .biz, as you will achieve more worldwide appeal with your website and it is more valuable with a .com on the end. So something like musclegrowthprogram.com is a great domain name!

Finally fill in your personal details and, my suggestion, is to start off with a 12 month hosting plan, to see how it all pans out.

5. Once you've registered a domain and got your hosting from hostmonster, You need to transfer your files to the web.

If you are NOT on hostmonster, I suggest you look for "support" from your hosting company to help you with this, especially if it's your first time doing this. However the following steps will work for hostmonster and most other companies.

A. Go to your cpanel (or your main homepage that opens up when you log into your hosting account). Now scroll down to a section called "files" and click on "FTP Accounts".

B. In there create a username and password, and where it says directory, type in "public_html". Now in the "Account Management" part of the page, you will find it has your details and username.

C. Next you now need an FTP client to transfer the files from your hard drive onto the web. You can get a really easy to use software for FREE called Filezilla. I suggest you do download that and install it.

D. Now under "Account Management" (on the "FTP accounts Page") within your hosting, you can find a sign which says "Configure FTP Client". Click on that. You now will have the details you require to configure Filezilla.

E. When you open filezilla, at the top of the software, it says "Host", which is where you must input your "ftp server", it says "username" and "password", where you input just that and finally "port" where you input "FTP port" from the details you found in D. The simply click "Quick connect". Once connected, You can save these settings by going to "file" and clicking on "copy current connection to Site Manager" and saving the information.

F. Now on the left hand side of Filezilla, where it says "Local site", that represents your computer and you must find the files you downloaded back in 1. On the right hand side where it says "Remote Site", simply click on "public_html" and then double-click on the files on the left hand side (local site) and it it will copy the files across into the public html folder.

6. Once you have copied the files across in exactly the same way they are, your site should be live! Now just drive traffic there, using the methods outlined in the affiliate center to start making money!

If you have any problems with the above, please do contact me on affiliates@bodybuilding4idiots.com.


DISCLOSURE: I am an affiliate for Aweber, Hostmonster, And Keyword Elite 2.0. If you purchase any of these systems through my links, my company will earn a small comission.