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Author Bio

Sometimes you need to answer questions like "Who is Arun Chase?", so you need a basic author bio. Below are two you can use (don't forget to replace the link below with you affiliate link):


"Arun Chase is the writer behind the scenes of bodybuilding4idiots.com and is a well known bodybuilding expert in the industry. BUT if you haven't heard of him before, it won't be long, because his program is taking the fitness industry by storm.

Arun himself, suffered from skinny hargainer genetics, was completely puny yet still had a pot belly. He used to be teased by all his friends and family and really lacked confidence. However he decided that he had to change!

It took him many years and thousands of dollars, but he discovered the top, insider underground, bodybuilding secrets and techniques to building a hard rock, shirt popping physique and getting shredded fast!

With that information, he managed to transform himself within just 16 weeks! He gained over 20lbs of pure dry muscle and dropped his body fat percentage down to 6%. Yes and all within just 16 weeks! That was a few years ago, and he's now refined his system to make it even better!

With all the scams out there in the market, it is hard to know who trust. So I feel lucky that he has now decided to share his "Bodybuilding 4 Idiots" step-by-step system AND all his secrets. You can check out his system right now, by going to bodybuilding4idiots.com


Arun Chase (from bodybuilding4idiots.com) is the well-renowned author of Pack Muscle, Destroy Fat”, the ultimate step-by-step muscle building bible for those struggling to achieve that 6-pack, fitness model physique.

Arun’s bodybuilding program includes an extensive guide to supplements, a detailed nutritional program, a complete weight training regimen, a full motivational action plan, practical day to day tips and full email personal training support. This system has taken the fitness industry by storm and has helped thousands achieve the dream physique they never thought was possible.