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Discover How You Could Earn Up To A Staggering

$55.67 Per Full Sale From Promoting My Dynamite,

High Converting, Bodybuilding 4 Idiots Program...

Getting Paid Automatically Every 15 Days

You NOW have the opportunity to set up a Passive Income Stream
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Dear Friend and Affiliate Partner,

I want to ask you a few simple questions:

  • Are you ready to start receiving a consistent stream of money, every two weeks, by simply sending visitors to my website?
  • Do you have a health and fitness, nutrition, supplement, muscle building, fat loss or bodybuilding related website, newsletter, blog, forum or e-zine?
  • Do you know any friends, family, or colleagues that want to a lean and ripped muscular body in super quick time?
  • Are you an online Internet marketer looking for a hot-selling, high-converting product to promote with an unbelievably low refund rate?
  • Does 75% commission with an ADDED BONUS SCHEME on top appeal to you?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions...This page could earn you some serious dollars!

Simply put, affiliate marketing or being an affiliate involves you sending visitors to my site, where you earn HUGE commissions on what they buy.




Taking away clickbank fees 75% works out at $52.67 per sale BUT, unlike virtually any other bodybuilding program, I offer you a progressive BONUS SCHEME, where you CAN earn more than 75%! See:

> If you make between 30-89 Full Sales In A Calendar Month, I'll give you a solid $1 EXTRA For Each Sale You Made!

> If you make between 90-149 Full Sales In A Calendar Month, I'll give you an amazing $2 EXTRA For Each Sale You Made!

> If you make more than 150 Full Sales In A Calendar Month, I'll give you an whopping $3 Extra For Each Sale You Made!

Show me Any other Bodybuilding website that can offer you that!

Even if you make 1 measly sale per day, which is pretty easy, you could sell 30 products, which means you qualify for an extra dollar per sale i.e. $53.67.

So this means you can earn a side income of $1632 per month! That sure would help to pay off your mortgage payments or car bills, wouldn’t it?

However the amount you earn is limitless, and you are in complete control. The bonus system guarantees you to be earning more than any other bodybuilding program out there.

The more motivated and insistent you are in promoting my product, the more money that you’ll make. The more knowledge and tools you use, using my dynamite affiliate package and tools, the more traffic you’ll send to my site, and the larger your pay check!

The potential is massive. Let me show you:

Average Number Of Sale Per Day

Number Of
Sales Per Month

Per Product
(including Bonus)

Income ($)

Average Monthly Income ($)

Average Yearly
Income ($)
































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That's Great, But Why Else Should You

Promote Bodybuilding4Idiots.com?

Well even though the affiliate marketing seems like a simpe concept , if you’re like most people looking to make money online, you’re probably struggling to find a trustworthy product to promote. Most programs or systems never actually deliver the promise of making you a decent sum of cash everyday. Bodybuilding 4 Idiots can, as it converts well and has an extremely low refund rate!

Whilst, Come on, lets face it...

99% Of The Programs Out There Are Just Pure BS,

They Simply Are 10 Year Old Products, Slightly Rewritten

Or A Bunch Of Articles Found Online Just Re-Packed Together...

......The Bodybuilding 4 Idiots System Is Neither One Of Those!

It’s a unique, up to date and detailed system, written fully by myself, that not only delivers a WOW factor when first read, but also delivers actual results for all my customers, including any that you may actually recommend.

This is especially important in today’s market, where money is tight. It is key to promote products that actually live up to their hype and promises. This not only increases the number of people buying a product, but also reduces the number of refunds.

I strongly believe in helping my affiliates as much as possible and making it easy for them to promote by products and get great results. This ensures their income keeps on rising, and not dropping, like many other products on the market place today.

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Anyone Can Become A Bodbuilding 4 Idiots Affiliate

But You Need The Right Program, Support & Tools

The great thing about affiliate marketing is that you don't require any qualifications! All you need is a computer with internet access! However to be a success, you need to have a great program and that provides you with fantastic affiliate tools and support!

So I Have Created The Ultimate Affiliate Center With Tutorials

& And A Full Toolbox, Giving You Everything You Need To Make

Hundreds Of Thousands Of $$ Online & ACCESS IS FREE

I cover everything from the basics, to the most advanced techniques of affiliate marketing. I also give you loads of professionally designed tools, which will help boost your sales to a level you never thought possible.

All of this is refreshed on a regular basis, so you have the most advanced and up to date information right at your fingertips.

Others charge ridiculous sums of money for this kind of knowledge, but I won’t. This is because you are extremely important to me. If you succeed, I succeed. So its my job to ensure you have everything you require to be successful.

Here’s A Taster Of What You Get..And it’s ALL FREE

The tutorial center will teach you:

  • How to team up with other internet business to treble your sales
  • The top techniques that will give you returns in the hundreds of thousands of dollars
  • How you can beat your competition, so you dominate your market.
  • A simple plan to follow to make your life easy and stress-free.
  • The secrets in creating a high-converting ad or website, even with zero technical knowledge
  • The ultimate traffic techniques to getting thousands visiting your website.
  • The unrivalled blogging techniques, which creates trust and increases conversion rates
  • The process you must follow in order to create unique and original content that will boost your click through rate.
  • Grasp how you can use forums in increasing you commission to levels you never thought possible
  • The use of Google Adwords and pay-per-click to add thousands of dollars of profit to your bank account
  • The secrets to using articles and text Ads
  • Get the low down on list building and email marketing, to increase your reach and improve your referral rates!
  • How to use every single tool, I provide you with to take your sales to another level.

The Professionally designed Toolbox contains:

  • Banners to promote Bodybuilding 4 Idiots across yours and other websites
  • Email Promotion Templates to send out to your list, and increase click through rates
  • Text Links that get seen and clicked
  • Pay per Clicks, Google Ads and A Full List Of Keywords to get traffic rolling in through your affiliate link
  • Squeeze/Landing page Website to help you build huge email lists!
  • Free Brandable Viral Ebook, you can give away, to build email lists or incentives visitors to buy through your affiliate link. These are customizable so you can add you’re own affiliate link with a few easy steps..
  • A Whole Pack Of Articles, which you can use with your own affiliate links to get traffic clicking through to the Bodybuilding 4Idiots Website.
  • Your very own Review Website Template to promote bodybuilding4idiots.com
  • An Autoresponder Email series that will ensure you are chasing up your potential customers the correct way for maximum sales!
  • Pop Under Windows to get your prospective customers attention, without being obtrusive
  • Product Images, to bring your website to life.
  • Recommended Affiliate Resources And Websites, meaning less research and more time to concentrate on the things that make you money


Get Access To The Bodybuilding 4 Idiots Affiliate Tutorials & Toolbox


Don't Worry, I Will Do ALL The Selling For You!

Let Me Do ALL The Hard Work For You

All you need to do is direct someone to the bodybuilding4idiots.com website! From there I take over and prove to them why my explosive system works and how it will get them the results they always have craved for.
This has been written in conjunction with some of the top and most expensive copywriters in the industry to edit, test and perfect my sales page to convert at one of the highest rates in the industry.

However, it is my promise to you, that I will never stop working towards producing higher conversion rates for you!

You Can Also Be Safe In The Knowledge That YOU WILL BE PAID,

Because We Work With The Well-Reputed Clickbank!

So now your referral is happy and ready to go ahead with the purchase, this is where Clickbank take over.
Clickbank is a trusted 3rd Party company, founded in 1998, who specialise in bringing affiliates and digitally delivered products closer together. They mainly work on tracking your affiliate links, and controlling payments between referrals, you and me.

In fact they are an online retail outlet for over 10,000 digital product vendors and they have over 100,000 active affiliates on their books, making a sale somewhere in the world every three seconds. They serve over 200 countries, and are consistently ranked as one of the most highly trafficked sites on the web.

There Are Some Seriously Great Advantages, You Get,

Because I Work With Clickbank!

1) No-hassle commission payments for you:

They track your affiliate links to ensure any sales that come through your links are credited to you. They pay accurately, automatically and on-time, every two weeks, by check or direct deposit. That means no chasing anybody for outstanding payments.

2) Clickbank awards commission to you, on even those that don’t buy straight away, so long as it is within 60 Days of when they last came to the site through your affiliate link!

Clickbank has a cookie system that tracks your referrals for 60 days after they visit the bodybuilding4idiots site. So If you send a referral who doesn't buy straight away – but decides to comes back within 60 days, you still get full commission.

They don't even have to go through your affiliate link the second time! So even if a customer opts into my newsletter and clicks on any of my links directing them to the sales copy, you will still receive the commission.

The only time you will not receive commission is if your referral clicks on another affiliate’s link after they click on yours and then purchase.

3) They accept every type of credit card, Paypal and E-Checks in 100 different countries

Clickbank handles the whole payment system for the bodybuilding4idiots website. By taking so many different forms of payment and around the world, it opens new markets and increases conversion rates. This is great for you as an affiliate, as it means you make more money as more payments come in.

4) They use the strongest security and best anti-theft fraud in the world.

In todays world, it is important to have strong security on websites, to prevent hackers breaking in. Clickbank provides this security, which provides safety to your income online.

5) They offer state-of-the-art reporting and analytics tools

By keeping a close eye on this information, you can multiply your income ten fold. It tells you which methods work and don’t work for you, so you can stick to the ones that do.

So clickbank is a great asset to an affiliate and that is why I use them!!!

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And Remember, I’ll be there To Support You

In Every Step And Make Your Affliate Marketing Venture

A Money-making Success

Remember I only profit, if YOU profit so I am hear to help you. If you need more help you can email me on affiliates@bodybuilding4idiots.com. Ill get back to you with a response with 48 hours.

I want to make life easy, so that…You Can Watch The $$ Just Roll In…

Does This Really Work?

Yes it does! Millions of others are doing it, so can you. And you’re working with one of the top affiliate programs on the net, providing you with huge commissions, high conversion rates and low refund rates.

The great thing is Money rolls in like clockwork, 365 days a year and you can work from anywhere in the world with an internet connection. It so great you can make this into a full time income by just working 2-3 days a week.

You’ve got nothing to lose, BUT money to gain!

Imagine What You Could Do With All Those $$

You could get that car you’ve always wanted, that bigger house you need, the long far away holiday you deserve or you could simply just pay off all your bills, loans and mortgage payments, and have more stress free life.

How you spend your money is up to you…but let me ask you this…what is the one thing you would love to be able to do right now but can’t afford to?

Take a minute and think about what it would feel like to achieve it.

You Now Have The Opportunity
To Make That Wish Or Dream Come True.

JUST Say yes! Simply click below and you’ll get access to my FREE affiliate lessons, package and tools, so you start making money TODAY.

Start Watching The $$ Roll In, Go To The FREE Affiliate Center Right Now

PLEASE NOTE: YOU MUST Read the Bodybuilding 4 Idiots Affiliate Agreement, Anti-Spam Policy & Earnings Disclaimer FIRST. You must agree to these terms before you can become a bodybuilding4idiots.com affiliate.

DISCLOSURE: I am an affiliate for Clickbank. If you purchase anything from them or use their services through my links to them, my company will earn a small comission.