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Explosive Report

UNCOVERED IN THIS SPECIAL REPORT : Why You’ve NOT Achieved That Muscular Body, You've Always Craved For..PLUS...

"Get My Step-By-Step Blueprint Revealing HOW YOU Can Build A RIPPED, SHIRT-POPPING Physique FAST...The 100% Natural Way!"

Read This Page, Word For Word, And I'll Show You The Specific, Insider Secrets & Techniques To Transforming YOUR Body Into A Finely Sculpted Mass Of Rock-Solid Muscle!

In this special report

  • The Explicit Insider Methods To Building Mass & Destroying Fat FAST!
  • How I Gained 20lbs Of Pure Muscle In Just 16 Weeks. You Can Do It Too!
  • The Explosive Muscle Growth Secrets To Kick Your Bad Genetics To The Curb!
  • And Much Much More!

Arun Chase

Body Building Coach & Top Fitness Writer London, England, 25th April 2010

  • Are you fed up and depressed of seeing that out-of-shape body in the mirror and not having the solution out?
  • Do you feel insecure and struggle with confidence when talking to attractive members of the opposite sex or getting naked in front of them? And does this affect your sex life?
  • Have you ever been by the pool or at a beach and wanted to take your t-shirt off, but kept it on, just because you felt worried and scared about what people would think of your body?
  • Do you feel powerless and frustrated because the clothes you love never fit you the way you want them to?
  • Do your friends, family or partner tease you about the way you look? And does this get you down?
  • Do you feel conscious about heading into a gym because you're ashamed of what others will think of you?
  • Do you ever feel low in energy, lethargic and extremely lazy, then hate yourself for the feeling after?
  • Have you found that even after long hours of slaving away in the gym and wasting your money on hundreds of bodybuilding supplements your body shape hardly changes?
  • Are you tired of those confusing fitness magazines and programs which keep contradicting themselves and never deliver you the growth they promised?

If You Answered YES To Any Of The Above, Then This May Be The Most Important Report You’ll Ever Read!

Your Life And Body Is About To Change And Do You Know Why…..?

Quite simply, because you were lucky enough to land on this page.

Start Bodybuilding Today

Dear Fellow Hardgainer,

I know how your feeling....

I Know You're Tired, Fed up And Depressed With Busting Your Gut In The Gym And Not Seeing ANY Results

I Know You Feel Envious Of Those Other Guys Who Train HALF The Time You Do, Yet Still Manage To Build A Physique Like A GREEK GOD

I Know That Your Physique Is Getting You Down, Causing You To Struggle With Confidence And Making You Feel Insecure

skinny hardgainer


I can HONESTLY say that almost everyone I see in the gym these days follows a program that is DEAD WRONG! In fact, this may completely shock you, but I guarantee ...

The Way You Are Training RIGHT NOW Is Robbing You Of 90% Of The Muscle Gains You SHOULD Be Making

Because of that , it's likely you've been wasting hours of your precious time and energy each week in the gym doing things that just don't work.

And it's likely you've been wasting your money on things you don't need like certain expensive supplements pills and powders!

Unfortunately that is not time and money you can get back..Thats it, ITS GONE!

But DON'T WORRY, knowing this NOW gives you a tremendous advantage. Because you CAN easily double your muscle gains in half the time you're spending, starting NOW ...But only by making a change...

I'm going to show you exactly HOW, literally on this page...

So TODAY You Will Learn The CORRECT And The FASTEST Way To Building Huge Muscles And Destroying Fat

And You'll Learn To Do It:

muscle growth

With Less Hours In the Gym - So time won't be a problem, you will work out less and achieve better results. This will gives you the freedom to live your life and enjoy your new physique, instead of living in the gym with a zero social life!


muscle growth

With A Completely Natural Approach - That means without the use of steroids or any of those unhealthy substances which are bad for your body!


muscle growth

With Less Money (It's More Affordable) - You won't need to buy useless, expensive supplements. That means more $$ to spend on the beautiful girls that will keep approaching you


muscle growth

With Simple & Easy Steps To Follow - So NO more contradicting information, which just leaves you completely confused... just simple steps, which are easy to understand and follow!


Just Imagine How Much Your Life Would Change With Your New Muscular And Shredded Physique

Imagine having that buff, sculpted chest... a defined, ripped six pack...a v-shaped back... sleeve-popping arms staring back at you everytime you look in the mirror...

Imagine having that confidence and pride in yourself and your physique! What would that mean for your life?

  • You could date some of the hottest women imaginable and improve your sex life
  • You could ignite a whole new sexual spark with your existing girlfriend or wife
  • You could be the one that all your friends and family look up to (and are jealous of!) because
    they will want your physique and confidence
  • You could turn heads and attract attention just by walking down the street
  • You could finally feel proud and completely secure with who you are!

Is This The Muscle Building Life You Want?

It's all in very close reach for you! And you'll be able to start today without wasting your time and money with trial and error, hyped-up bodybuilding supplements, or unproven routines!

You see, this page was made specially for you! And I 'm going to show you exactly how you can defeat your bad genetics, pack on muscle and destroy fat in super quick time! I KNOW I can get you the results you've been dreaming about...

But before I tell you how...

Why Am I So Confident That I Can Help You? …..Because I Was You!

My name is Arun Chase, and 6 years ago I answered YES to each and every one of those questions above.
But I got lucky…

I came across a dynamite system, so powerful, that it changed my life forever.

It’s the same system that got me to where I am today.

It’s the same system that led me to become one of the nation’s top coaches.

It’s the same system which won me numerous bodybuilding competitions. And it’s the same system, which has got me published in numerous fitness magazines.

I am now fortunate enough to have the body I always dreamed of and a career, where I’ve helped thousands of others, people like you, get the results they want.

Unlike other coaches, I know what it feels like to be you, because I was you.

Believe me, If I and countless others can use my easy-to-follow plan, you can too!

You now have a choice!

You can wake up tomorrow, and still feel disgusted and down in the dumps about your body, or you can make a bold decision to take action today…To get that shredded, muscular body you’ve always dreamt off.

Grab My FREE 9-Part AUDIO Course Package

To Start Packing Muscle And Loosing Fat TODAY!

“Giving You The Explicit Insider Secrets To Building A Lean, Muscular Body, Which The Bodybuilding Industry Want To Keep Hidden From You!”

  • The #1 Secret To Building Shirt Popping Muscle To Turn The Heads Of The Most Attractive Members Of The Opposite Sex.
  • 12 Small & Easy Tricks you can use RIGHT NOW For
    Maximum Muscle Growth, With ZERO Extra Effort
  • Why You Can’t Loose That Last 10lbs Of Fat On Your Belly To Reveal That Chiselled Six Pack BUT I Did It With Ease
  • The Top 20 Biggest Mistakes Which Have Stopped You Gaining Muscle, No Matter What You Eat Or How Hard You Train
  • The Underground Secrets To Pre, During & Post Workout
    To Explode Your Growth Beyond Anything You’ve Ever Seen
  • How To Make Plateaus A Thing Of The Past & Ensure You Never Stop Growing!
  • And MUCH MUCH More!

Simply Fill In Your Name & Email To get IMMEDIATE ACCESS

How I Gained 20 Pounds of Solid Dry Muscle, And Shredded My Fat Down To A Mere 6% Body Fat In Less Than 16 Weeks!

My story starts 6 years ago. I had one of those extremely odd body shapes. I was a skinny stick, with arms and legs like a starved chicken, BUT I had a flabby "beer-belly" stomach, pointy "man-boobs" and a great pair of love handles which gave my body curves! I hated it!

To make matters worse, my whole friends circle teased me. I was always the butt of their jokes. Some called me names like “Skinny Chase”, "Twiglet" or "Beanpole" whilst others would tease me for being fat, and called me “Pregnant” or even "Tubby".

Well what did I expect?! I was born with the worst genetics ever. I couldn’t put on any muscle mass or weight and in addition for 2 years straight my life consisted mainly of snacks, fast food, desserts, and zero exercise.

My excuse, and yes it was an excuse, was my busy schedule. According to me, I didn’t have time to eat the right food or complete a simple exercise routine.

So I put up with my ugly body, which wasn’t good for my health or my self-esteem.

A few months down the line, Brian, one of my closest buddies, arranged a night out for his birthday. Five of us single guys headed out to sky bar, in London. It was one of the most happening bars around, always full of the most beautiful women.

The night started of with a bang. The music was great and the girls were looking hot.

As usual, all the guys immediately hooked up...while I was left pretty much alone...

I Envied Them...OKAY, I Was Jealous Of Them...They Were Confident, Muscular And Ripped And ALWAYS Attracted Female Attention! I Had No Chance...

So all I did was gawk at the women going past. I felt helpless.

Then Nick, another one of my buddies, decided to try and hook me up. He went up to girl after girl, pointing in my direction. But the moment they laid their eyes on me, they stormed off.

This was really damaging my self-respect. I felt like a failure as a man and started to question if ANYONE would actually find me attractive!

But Nick didn’t give up. This time, he went up to the hottest girl in the bar and, guess what, she actually started to walk towards me. Yes me! I couldn't believe it.

At that moment, I was sitting in between all the other guys with all their hot women and I started to believe that maybe I might finally have a shot!

Still, because I lacked confidence, I started to go red, feel nervous and my mouth was pretty dry!

But before I could get over that, she approached me... looked me up and down... and sniggered really loudly. Then, in front of everyone, she screamed “If I saw you naked, I’d probably die laughing” and walked off.

The Whole Group And Their New Lady Friends Burst Into Hysterics. …I Was Humiliated & Mortified

I tried to see the funny side, but I just couldn’t. I was angry and upset. I couldn't take the shame!

When I got back home, the first thing I did was stare at myself in the mirror. The baggy clothes I wore to hide my body, the blazer I kept on to make people think I was more muscular then I was. It was horrifying.

Immediately, I tore them off in frustration. I remember it like it was yesterday!

As I changed, I started analysing every part of my physique; the man-boobs which now looked like they needed a bra, the love handles which stuck out past my shoulders, my “twiggy” legs and arms, which looked like they could snap any minute. This was bad, very bad!

It was at this point, I realised, that I had to let go of my excuses, and actually make a change…

I Was Going To Get That Buff, Ripped & Defined Body, And I Wasn't Going To Stop Till I Succeeded!

I started off with basic running and swimming three times a week. Initially, I started to see the fat coming off. I was motivated and certain I would have my dream body within 6 months. However as time went on, the results stopped dead!!

I ended up thinner, I had no definition and still had those irritating love handles sticking out! But I wasn't going to give up. I thought I knew what I was doing wrong.

I was doing all this cardio but zero strength training and taking zero supplements. Changing that, I thought, would increase my definition.

But there I was, not a clue about anything, so I drafted in a top personal trainer, who cost me $90 dollars per session. To be honest, I really couldn’t afford this, but I was desperate to prove to myself I could get the body I wanted.

I explained how I wanted the elusive buff, ripped physique. He prescribed a routine, full of weight training, a lot of cardio, a whole nutritional plan and a vast range of supplements. I started to see growth and felt truly motivated again.

I kept with my personal trainer for 7 months and then carried on myself for another 3 ½ years, testing over a hundred different supplements, pills and powders. I even tried a number of those products from infomercials on TV.

As I went along, I learnt more and more about strength training and cardio programs. I read a number of top name health magazines and a bought a variety of books on nutrition, fitness and body-building. In addition I tried a number of the muscle growth and fat loss programs on the net. But all this information contradicted itself! Yet I kept on trying!

But even after all that time, I was still puny, didn’t have “the body”....and the love handles, yep, still there!!!

I just put it down to by bad genetics....and I was left frustrated, confused and truly gutted.

By Now, I had Spent Over $6000 On Fitness Products & Supplements And Worked Our For Nearly 4 Years...I Was Tired & Ready To Give Up! ...But Then...I Stumbled Across The TRUTH!

I bumped into an old friend at Starbucks, who I hadn’t seen in nearly 3 years. The funniest thing was I didn’t recognize him at all. This guy had literally gone from being completely out of shape (worse than how I started out) to someone who was muscular, shredded and chiseled. I could literally see his 6-pack through his t-shirt.

I was shocked and admittedly jealous!

I had to know how he had done it. So we sat down for frap. During our conversation, I explained my ordeal as he listened patiently. He asked me a few simple questions, and after a few minutes, he called me forward and started whispering something in my ear.

He told me THE TRUTH.

I was shocked! I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. It simply couldn’t be true! None of the programs on the net or books had told me this. Not even my personal trainer told me this.Reluctantly, I decided to put what I learnt into action.

As soon as I started, I felt a difference. I packed on muscle in my first couple of weeks and destroyed the fat around my waist. Within 4 weeks, my love handles had disappeared and I was starting to take shape. I couldn’t believe how easy it was!

I Began To Turn Heads In The Street.....

However, I wasn’t taking all of this for granted. I thought, maybe my results would slow down. So I constantly kept refining the program. It was then it turned into a dynamite system. My results didn’t slow down! They sped up!

I packed on muscle all over my frame, destroyed my belly fat and man boobs. I was looking younger, and feeling a lot more confident. I now had all the hottest girls checking me out everywhere I went.

16 weeks through, using my new and improved program, I had put on over 20lbs of pure muscle, and my body fat had dropped to 6%. The transformation was complete. I had made it!

I Was No Longer "Skinny Chase" Or "Pregnant".....I Was Arun, THE HOT GUY, All The Girls Wanted To Date

I was over the moon. Finally when I looked in the mirror, I had a hard rock, ripped and muscular body staring back at me! And the impact it had on my life was HUGE!

I had the hottest girls I had ever seen literally handing me their telephone numbers and telling me to give them a call every where I went! I suddenly had the respect of all my friends and family, and they all looked at me for advice!

But more important than all of that, I finally felt secure, happy and confident in my own skin and with who I was... I WAS ACTUALLY PROUD TO BE ME!

I now knew I had something which was extremely powerful and could give others the same success I got...

I Decided To Spread This Top Secret Knowledge With Others...I Wanted Them To Gain The Same UNFAIR ADVANTAGE I Did

I first went over to see Johnny, one of my best buds, who I hadn’t seen for nearly 6 months.

When he saw me, his jaw dropped. He was in a state of shock.

Johnny was skinny as hell, and found it impossible to pack on muscle. I recognized the jealousy in his eyes. I used to be where he was.

I sat him down, and explained the TRUTH and showed him my Dynamite system. Just like me, he was sceptical at first. But the steps were easy to follow…he decided to give it a go…

Guess what…just like me he gained over 20lbs in 16 weeks, and in fact he brought his body fat down to near 5%. Johnny was ripped. From that moment on, his confidence sky-rocketed!

After that, I personally trained another 233 people, and got them results that they never thought were possible.

It made me think. If I was able to reach more frustrated bodybuilding enthusiasts with the TRUTH, I could change millions of lives around the world. So I set up this bodybuilding4idiots webpage.

I am proud to say, I have now managed to help thosuands of people out there reach the body they’ve always wanted using this very page!

Here is what some of them had to say:

"Now I Believe If Anybody Is Staring At Me, Its Because They

Either Love My Body Or Are Jealous Of It! But Even Better

Is Now I'm The Guy Who Get's All The Girl's Cell Numbers"

"Yo Arun, I have always had issues taking my shirt off at the beach, because of what people might think of my body. Would they think I'm too fat? Or think I’m just incredibly skinny?

In fact I would even keep my trousers on to hide my stick like legs. I felt bad, though afterwards, that i didn’t take the time to enjoy the beach or flirt and swim with those babes in their tiny bikinis, just because of my insecurity.

So when I came across your page, it seemed right for me to give it a go. And now I'm ecstatic, because using your program I now feel I am beach body ready.

I love the fact, that now I know if anybody is staring at me, its because they either love my body or are jealous of it! But even better, is now I'm the guy who gets all the girl's cell numbers! Thanks dude!

Ryan Archer
San Diego, USA

"Your Top Secret Techniques And Your Workout Cycles Are

The Bomb, Not To Mention Your Amazing Nutritional Advice!

"Arun, seriously I want to worship you like a god! What you have helped me achieve is beyond a miracle. I had trained for a couple of years in the gym with personal trainers, used other programs and followed the advice of multiple magazines, and, like you, I had quite a bit of fat but my overall frame looked like a stick, but I just couldn’t solve it!

I read your page, and even though I was sceptical, I gave it a go (thanks to your money back guarantee). Reading your stuff opened my eyes, I realised everything I was not doing and some of your top secret techniques and your workout cycles are the bomb, not to mention your amazing nutritional advice!

I’ve never felt this good in my life! Now I walk into clothes stores and I feel like everything looks good on me! Its Insane. What do I choose?!! :) I guess its a great problem to have. But thanks Arun, once again! I will definitely be telling all my friends about how you are the real deal!"

Amit Popat
New York, USA

Pitu Blasts Through His Plateaus

& Is Now Going To Take Part In His FIRST EVER

Bodybuilding Contest,

I have been training last 2 years, but my results stopped dead 8 months ago and to be honest, I had not got much growth.

I really wanted to compete in bodybuilding contests, and didn’t quite know where I was going wrong.

Thats when I came across your program whilst surfing the net and I instanly took action and got my hands on your system.

I was surprised to see, even though it covered all the basics, it went really far and into the advanced with quite a few techniques I wasn’t even aware of.

Overall, It completely helped me to overcome my plateaus and now few months on from there, I have decided to take part in my first bodybuilding contest. WIll let you know how it goes.

Pitu Chang
Beijing, China

…Get Ready…I Am About To Expose The Dirty Underground Secrets, The Body Building Industry Don’t Want You Knowing About

The Industry is scamming you out of your money and our of your dream body.

Don’t believe me? Well if all their advice, supplements and exercise programs worked, why are you here? Why haven’t you got that dream body they keep promising you?

The Bodybuilding industry has made and continues to make BILLIONS of dollars out of us.
If you got the body you wanted, you wouldn’t need to buy any more of their products again, would you?

The Industry Is Just One Big Scam…



The Majority Of Brand-Name Programs And Diets Are NOT Going
To Get You The Results You Want

Listen, I hate to break this to you. But those brand name programs aren’t interested in you or your results. They just want to get their greedy hands on your money.

The top marketers in the industry come up with “brand new angles” and “new concepts”, and the media just eat it up…..which means you’ll eat it up.

Guess what…these are over-hyped and never work….And if they do provide results, they only last for a month. Trust me, I’ve been there and tried them all! These include fat loss programs, muscle gain programs etc.

My BodyBuilding4idiots system will provide permanent results and is set specifically to your body type. And guess what, you never have to starve yourself, eat low carbs continually, or workout every single day in the hope you may add some muscle or loose fat.

Everything in my program is backed by science, and unlike others, who think you’re too stupid to understand, Ill explain why it works too.


Training Like A Championship Bodybuilder Isn’t Going To Work For Normal People, Like You and Me

Again, the bodybuilding industry constantly sends out the wrong message to get you to buy into their products.

Let me guess you’ve been told to “train like a bodybuilder, to become a bodybuilder”. That's the biggest pile of bull. Firstly, most of these guys have either been blessed with the best genetics ever (unlike you and me) or take some form of dangerous drugs!

Training like a bodybuilder will just get you injured, lead to overtraining and cause illness.

We don’t want that! What they do isn’t right for normal people, like you and me! We want to get results the 100% safe and healthy way.

My Bodybuilding4idiots system is made just for you. It gives you everything from the basics all the way to the most advanced muscle gaining, and fat loss techniques around. I will also provide you step to step, easy to follow, instructions to get that body you’ve always dreamt off.


Most Magazines Don't Tell You The Full Truth, They Give You Conflicting Advice, On Purpose

What's that? How could published information in magazines, who obviously stake their reputation on their information, be questionable?

Look, I know how you’re feeling. I used to read all the magazines in the hope that it would solve all my problems. In fact, it left me confused and messed me up completely.

Unfortunately for us, that’s exactly what they intend to do! If they gave you the complete solution, would you continue buying their publication? No you wouldn’t!

They don’t care about you.

In reality, most of the authors are out of shape, and few of them even work out today. All they do is just rewrite old information from past magazines and change the guy on the front cover.

In fact, much of this is so old, the rewriting comes from the hey-day of steroid use, which is based on the observations of steroid using athletes.

So if you're taking advice from a magazine, your likely to be taking advice from someone who doesn't train and is rewriting 30 year old info which itself was based on observations of a steroid user.

I am not interested in selling you garbage. I never give contradictory advice, I always lay things down as they are. That’s because I want you to succeed.

My bodybuilding4idiots system is the complete solution which will get you the results you want. And I’m living proof it works!


Virtually Every Major Fitness Magazine Is Owned By Or Owns A Supplement Company

Yes you did hear right! This is probably the best kept secret in the industry!

The information and reviews you may have been reading and bought into are written by the actual supplement companies themselves! These companies want you to fail!

And here’s the real stinker…

They don’t just give you the false, contradictory advice. They also pump you with reviews and push thousands of different supplements that won't work, so you part with more of your cash and start buying into those “magic pills” and powders they produce or are affiliated with!

Let me guess, you’re sceptical? Well look it up, like I did.

  • Iron Man is owned by Muscle Linc
  • Muscle Media was formerly owned by EAS.
  • Muscle & Fitness, AND Flex are owned by Weider.
  • Muscle Mag International owns Muscle Tech.
  • Muscular Development owns Twinlab.
  • Status is owned by Magnum Nutraceuticals

So the guy whose writing these glowing “first hand” reviews actually works for these supplement companies!

I am not owned AND I don’t work for any of these companies. The system I’m about to show you is the truth and nothing but the truth!


The Majority Of Supplements In The Industry Will Give You Zero Results

By now, you should have worked out how money hungry some of the supplement companies can be.

Yes, A few supplements do work. However, in my opinion, 99% of the industry is full of BULL. And to make matters worse, they release more and more new products or new "magic pills" that promise you the world, but NEVER DELIVER!

It's simple human nature. People want effortless, instant solutions, and the supplement industry is willing to give you the solution, BUT it’s the solution that doesn’t work.

Similar to the magazines, if all those supplements and magic pills completed the job they promised, you wouldn’t need to buy any more of their products. So do you think they go out of their way to deliver their pledges?

And this is why most of these new FADS are just old unhealthy products that don’t work, slightly tweaked and given a different name!

Seriously, stop wasting your money on useless supplements, and use the more NATURAL way I prescribe in my bodybuilding4idiots system.


Most Infomercial Products Are Just Misleading Gimmicks

We’ve all done it. We’ve all bought into those infomercials hook, line and sinker. They promise the earth, with top celebrities, models and “regular people like you” who lose 20lb of fat and gain 50lb of muscle in a week. WOW, its amazing, isn’t it?

What’s even more amazing is the scam that’s being pulled. Let me explain how they make these amazing marketing campaigns.

They pay loads of money to some top celebrities in the industry to come work out on their machine, which effectively adds their stamp of approval. They then throw in some model, who makes you think something along of the lines of “Damn it, I wish I had a body like his or hers”.

Then they go down either one of two routes. They hire in some actors to pretend they achieved some amazing success with their products OR they get people with great genetics, on an actual workout and nutrition routine, for a few months with a personal trainer, IN A GYM, with other equipment.

That’s why you sometimes see, in small letters “in conjunction with a normal workout and nutrition routine”.

Finally they put the success of these genetically gifted, whoops I mean “normal people” on their product.

If these products worked, would they need to put these small disclaimers in? And would you be here now? They are simply taking advantage of your desperation for a better body.

Its time you moved on!


The Food Industry Is Exploiting You

The food industry has now got in the act. Come on, you can’t honestly tell me you’ve never bought a product because it said something along the lines of “High in protein” or “Low in fat” on the pack.

Let me guess…even after changing your diet to these products, you still didn’t gain the muscle or loose the fat you wanted?

These industries are simply taking advantage of people like you, who are looking for healthy food to eat but don’t understand how to solve the riddles on the packaging.

Many food manufacturers make their product healthy in some ways, just to make claims, but make their product unhealthy elsewhere to reduce costs. So you won’t necessarily be eating or drinking something good for you.

My bodybuilding4idiots system covers how to decipher food packaging and how to shop for the right foods. Using this you can put a stop to this exploitation

Its Insane To Repeat What Is NOT Working.....Why Torture Yourself?

If you truly want to see results, you need to start doing things RIGHT! That means, YOU NEED TO STOP WHAT YOUR DOING RIGHT NOW AND LISTEN TO THIS!

muscle building program

I know you’re frustrated because your muscle growth is virtually non-existent.

muscle building program

I know you’re fed up of being the weakling in the gym.

muscle building program

I know you’re fed up of all those embarrassing and humiliating moments you’ve had because of your physique

muscle building program

I know you’re sick of the layers of fat sitting on your body.

I wasted 4 years and a whole load of money trying to achieve results, making all those mistakes along the way. So I know what it feels like to be you.

BUT you now don’t have to go through all the mistakes and waste your money like I did! Now YOU can stop worrying and start achieving results…

Finally...You Are About To Discover The Most Potent, Mind-Blowing System Available...And YES It Actually Works!

Over the years, I have refined and refined the system. I accumulated a lot of data and I tested every important hypothesis to find more efficient ways of building muscle and transforming your body.

I have developed this dynamite system especially for you.

Thousands of people have used these methods to achieve their dream body and you can do the same.

  • Get the complete road map to building a Muscular & Shredded body.
  • Uncover the truth and the science behind packing muscle and destroying fat…which other “Experts” or so called “Gurus” think you’re too stupid to understand
  • Use TheTop Bodybuilding Nutrition Techniques to create Massive Muscle Gain and Destructive Fat Loss FAST!
  • Side-step the top twenty most common gaffes made by hard-gainers in their quest for size.
  • Discover #1 weight-training secrets to explosive muscle growth, which those in the bodybuilding industry have been trying to keep from you.
  • Expose the dirty lies all marketers use to get their greedy hands on your money
  • Get an easy to follow, step by step practical plan, which will get you HUGE results in super-quick time
  • Learn why 95% of programs fail, but bodybuilding4idiots system guarantees you to be in the elite 5% that succeeds

Here’s Just A Tiny Taster Of What You’ll Uncover In This Program

The Science Behind
Bodybuilding And Your Body

  • Unleash the "Law of Muscle Fiber Recruitment" to give you
    Colossal Muscle growth…And also discover why it’ll destroy
    fat too.
  • Uncover the #1 key misconception holding billions of people back, when attempting to get a buff, ripped or toned body
  • Learn exactly how to secure the service of 6 of your body's natural, most powerful muscle
    growth and fat burning hormones, including the “fountain of youth”, to give you mammoth results
  • Understand the key differences between muscle gain and weight gain, and how thousands of
    other programs are conning you into believing their system is working, when they’re not.
  • Discover why a single tissue component in your body has been holding your muscle growth back…and learn how to annihilate this problem for good.
  • Understand metabolism, and how it increases fat loss, but covertly reduces muscle growth as well!
  • The #1 reason why most people can't drop the last 10-20 lbs of flab but you’ll be able to destroy it with ease...
  • Stop the most destructive hormone in you’re body from destroying your results!
  • Understand how to boost your energy levels higher than you ever thought possible - almost instantly! (you'll notice the difference the very first day)

Training & Workout

  • Understand and use the 5 phases of muscle growth to achieve results like you’ve never seen before…what you’ll see is so shocking, you’ll have people begging you for your advice!
  • Find out what the optimum number of reps and sets are for strength, endurance and muscle gains! Plus the rep speed that delivers the best results.
  • Uncover the most EFFECTIVE Body Building exercises to add multiple inches to your frame
  • Uncover the TRUTH on maximum muscle development…you may not like what you hear!
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Cardio Workouts

  • Discover why, even though some people always seem to gain back the fat they've lost, you’ll keep it off PERMANENTLY!
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  • Discover the #1 most advanced form of High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) ever created.
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Nutrition & Diet

  • Learn how to measure and consume the correct portions of protein, carbohydrates, fats and water for maximum strength & muscle gains.
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  • Why vegetarians suffer from chicken legs, and how to eat your way out of it.
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The Truth About

  • Understand and cut through the BS on food and supplement labelling
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Practical Day to Day Life

  • Discover the secrets to eating healthy in restaurants
  • Uncover the top 20 practical tips to sticking to program and my system…which will prevent failure from ever happening again.
  • Test that your gym is bodybuilding ready, using my essential checklist of 8 pieces of equipment it must have!
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  • Learn how to construct a home gym that you’ll be proud off…
  • Discover the simple sleeping technique that will get you burning fat, and packing muscle, whilst you sleep.
  • Get the Answers to the top 16 most frequently asked bodybuilding questions.

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I’ve read many books on bodybuilding training and nutrition, however I was looking for one place which would have all the information together, laid out so it is easy to understand, takes me from the basics to the most advanced and also gives me a step by step action plan.

"Pack Muscle, Destroy Fat" does that and more for me! It is like the bible of bodybuilding, but is written in such a fun and informal manner, which anyone can get.

I love how you cover everything from muscle gain to also fat loss as well as small things like sleep, evaluation and motivation!

I don’t have to go anywhere else ever again, as BB4I is a wealth of information at my fingertips any time I want it!

Adam Baldur
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The Bodybuilding 4 Idiots System Covers More Than Virtually Any Other System Out There!...The BENEFITS Are Priceless...

muscle growth

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Muscle Building Benefits

You'll Start Seeing Dramatic Gains In Just 2 Weeks


  • Averaging ONLY 3 HOURS in the gym per week
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If This Is Where You Want To Be, Its Time To Take Some Serious Action

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B) Keep falling for the crap the industry throws your way in the hope that one day you may get lucky.

I know what most people would choose.....

Being Over 40 Is Just An Excuse That Has Been Holding You Back!!

When people tell me they are too old for this, I ask them one question; “Are you too young to lie in the coronary care unit?”

If you have a heart attack, you won’t have a choice. Instead of ignoring your health, following a good nutritional and exercise plan is vital.

This system is designed to be used by persons of all ages to help them reach the goals they want. Exercise not only improves your body but your energy levels and health too!

You’re never to old to be in shape or lead a healthy lifestyle.

"I Was Blown Completely Away By Everything

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"Arun, I am 54 years of age and I thought it was too late for me to ever achieve that body. But after reading your page and going over your program, I felt really excited and driven.

I was blown completely away by everything you had provided me. It was really like having you as my personal coach right by my side, taking me by the hand through the whole process.

It has really improved my life and it has even inspired my wife to use your program to get herself into unbelievable shape, she now also looks great too! I can’t thank you enough."

Kevin Stratham
Los Angeles, USA

Being A Vegetarian Is Not A Handicap Either...If You Have The Right Know How

I have clients that come in and believe they can’t pack on muscle just because they are vegetarian. It frustrates me that they have been misled to believe that!

NO! You can pack on HUGE muscle if you just know how! I teach you that in my full system!

Vijay, A Vegetarian, Is Stunned By What

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"I have bought into so many programs, but none of them have worked for me. Hardly anyone has even touched on the subjects of vegetarians and why we find it so hard to gain any weight.

Finally, I realise how important my nutrition is, how I haven’t been combining my proteins correctly and which fats I need to get in my diet.

I only started your program 4 weeks ago, and ensured I followed exactly what you specified! I really was stunned with what I achieved so far! :)

Vijay Rai
Delhi, India

Imagine Having Your Own Personal Coach....With You 24/7....Every Step Of The Way...

Obviously, it’s impossible for me to be with you in person. However the bodybuilding4idiot system, covers everything I would prescribe for you and MORE.

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The Bodybuilding 4 Idiots System Is The Answer You've Been Waiting For!

I am offering you the chance, to replicate the results I and thousands of others have achieved using my easy-to-follow program.

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I don’t expect you to have hero genetics, which most other programs hope for. I have built this for people like you and me.

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What value would you place for such a system??....There is only one Answer- PRICELESS

No wonder it would NORMALLY cost you an arm and a leg to replicate the results that my system GUARANTEES!

See If you were to sign up with personal trainer, like me, even if I met you only 3 times a week for an hour session, it would cost you $90 per 30 minute session (and that’s only if it was a gym located nearby to me). 16 Weeks of that would NORMALLY cost you $8640. 

You maybe thinking surgery is good option- getting pec, bicep, tricep and butt implants (Yes, they are all available) or using liposuction to get rid of fat.

Well here is the bad news- this type of surgery does not give you definition...The definition has to come from exercise! Plus this surgery could cost you anything from $20,000 upwards!

To make matters worse you wouldn’t be any healthier any the fat loss would NOT be permanent. So you would just end up back at step 1!

Now what about all those magic pills and supplements that promise the earth?? Come on, you should now know there is NO magic pill to get you the results you want. These are just fads taking thousands of dollars out of your pocket. That's why you're here, because they DON'T WORK...

But for arguments sake, lets just pretend they existed...at minmum you would end up spending AT LEAST $200 per month! That's a mimum of $2400 for the year AND even then you'll just end up messing up your body!!

Now, I don't want to go here, but some people are so desperate that they revert to dangerous, illegal drugs. These will only provide short term results, and will again cost you in the tens of thousands! So when you loose all your cash, you’ll loose all your muscle. And to make matters worse, they will screw up your health!

Finally, you could go for a trial and error approach! This is where you go into the gym, read confusing magazines and then try and replicate the workouts of bodybuilders who don't have your body type! Well I spent over $6000 within the first 4 years using trial and error AND it didn't work! Do you really want to do the same??

With the Bodybuilding 4 Idiots system you are getting the exact blueprint I and thousands of others have used to build a spectacular body

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Knowing this made it really difficult for me to decide on what price I should charge for my bodybuilding 4 idiots system!

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They all wanted me to charge $2000 upwards!

I then decided to ask some of my clients what they thought the value of this system was. The average value came in at in the tens of thousands!

But this really isn’t affordable for the average Joe. And I realize sticking a price tag of $2000, $1000, $500 or even $200 isn’t going to achieve my goal of helping the normal person out there.

I know, because I was you. If I had this information when I first started out, it would have got me the results I wanted in WEEKS and definitely NOT YEARS! I know I wouldn't have wasted THOUSANDS of dollars on useless supplements and magazine subscriptions! I would have avoided all the frustrations I went through!

That's why I want to offer you this at a price that is accesible for YOU. I don't want you to go through what I did!!

BUT WAIT! Before I tell you how much....I'M GOING TO DO SOMETHING CRAZY!

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Giving You The Power To Defeat Genetics And Personalize Your Exercise And Nutrition Routine Specifically To Your Body Type.

One of the key problems with most programs is they are too generalized and only work for a certain percentage of the population.

I want every single person that has my program to succeed, so I am giving this away FREE, which will allow you to personalize your nutrition and exercise routine specifically to your body type and turbo charge your results! It includes:

  • The 9 genetic factors which affect your muscle gain and fat loss potential
  • A simple 12 step questionnaire to determine which body type you actually are
  • How to personalize a routine to your body type, so you just can’t fail and can speed up your results.



Your Easy To Follow Instruction Plan To Accurately Assess Your Body & Results In The Privacy Of Your Own Home

Evaluating yourself is a vital part of any exercise and fitness routine, which will not only hugely speed up results, but will ensure you are following the correct path to getting your dream body. This book could save your months in time and plenty of dollars! You will:

  • Discover the step by step method to accurately calculating your personal body fat percentage in the privacy of your own home.
  • Learn the correct, most precise technique for measuring your growing muscle mass at each evaluattion.
  • Uncover the 9 poses you should take picture of when evaluating how fast your body is progressing.
  • Learn how to create an assessment report, so you can decide what action you need to take next!



Teaching You How To Get Rid Of Your Excuses & Create A Driven Mindset To Ensure You Take Action & Actually Achieve Your Dream Body!

Have you ever planned to exercise, but made up some excuse as to why you can’t make it? Or do you try and eat healthy but just find it impossible to get over your craving for a hot chocolate fudge cake brownie with vanilla ice cream? Or do you find exercise and nutrition to be a boring task or a chore?

If you answered yes, you’re not alone! One of the biggest issues all of us face is laziness and a lack of motivation.

We find it hard to get past our excuses and actually take action, even though we may understand and know the path we have to take. So to ensure you make full use of this program and become a motivated bodybuilding machine, I have included a FREE ebook on how to get yourself primed and become driven towards achieving your goals. It includes:

  • The 7 steps to setting compelling Fitness Goals that drive you to act
  • How to get your mind to push past its mental barriers, so you can achieve ANYTHING you put your head to.
  • The top-secret techniques of penetrating your subconscious mind that will turn you dream body into reality
  • How to forget all your excuses and ENJOY your journey to a better body.



This Easy Tool Automatically Works Out A Full Nutrition Plan Specific To You, Just From A Few Basic Questions.

If you’re like most people then you do not want to be wasting your time doing maths calculations. I would rather you used the time to show off the fantastic results your getting!

Unfortunately gaining huge muscle or shedding fat requires you to work out the number of calories you require! Now either you can:

a) Sit with a calculator for few hours, with some formulas you don’t quite get and work out a figure that may or may not be right


b) Just enter some basic details and my "Metabolic Growth Calculator" will work these figures out for you in just seconds

In addition to that I’ve added the spectacular NUTRITION GENERATOR!

This will work out your whole nutrition plan for fat loss and for muscle gain, AUTOMATICALLY for you. No working this out, and zero calculations!

I worked hard to create this incredible time saver personally for you! And yes I am giving this to you completely FREE!



Your Complete Tracking Companion For Your Nutrition, Evaluation & Exercise Workouts, That Guarantees To Deliver Faster Results

Using this, you can now visualize your progress, judge the effectiveness of your diet and workout, and reach your goals sooner. By monitoring your progress from day to day and month to month, you are almost twice as likely to reach your targets.

So I give you your very own workout, nutrition and evaluation diary for FREE, you just fill the gaps and see the results come flying in.



Don't Waste A Dime Again! My Private Files Detailing & Reviewing The Very Few Fitness Products, Supplements & Resources I Personally Use & Deliver Mammoth Results!

I have tried hundreds of products and supplements and spent thousands of dollars in the process! The majority don’t work and are a complete waste of your hard earned cash. However there are a few which are fantastic in speeding up results and assisting you in achieving your dream body.

So to ensure you do not waste another dime on an awful product or a supplement that just doesn’t work ever again, I have compiled a list of the top products and supplements with reviews, that I personally use which deliver explosive results.

This alone could save you hundreds or even thousands of dollars a year!



High Energy Music To Get You Ready, Charged And Motivated, Before & During Your Workouts!

I want you to be hyped and seriously motivated for your workouts, so I've included this fantastic bonus with 14 highly charged tracks. No, none of these tracks have vocals, but are just pure intstrumental tracks, specially chosen not to distract you from your workout (i.e. so you don't start singing along or something!) but yet give you that eye of the tiger and get you primed and full of energy.

Just take these tracks, make a CD or slip them on your ipod and listen to them on the way to and during your workout. Trust me you will see a difference!

I have to say a big thank You to Radio Direct, to whom all of this music is copyrighted to, and who I have managed to convince to allow me to make this CD and given me permission to pass this onto you!



This Tool Automatically Calculates The Intensity Of Exercise That Burns The Most Fat, Personalized To You!

Similar to the metabolic rate calculator, I do not want you to be sitting their doing number crunching. I want to make life easy for you. So I have included a fat burning intensity calculator, which will AUTOMATICALLY calculate the intensity you should be working out at in order to burn the most body fat, in just seconds!



You Will Always Be Up To Date With The Latest Information & Never Have To Go Anywhere Else To Transform Your Body

I constantly strive to improve, just so you don’t have to go anywhere else! I want this to be the only place you have to visit for the most up to date and best information because I want you to achieve the transformation of your dreams!

So I’ve included an amazing bonus of unlimited updates for FREE. Any updates made, whether they are made in 6 months, a year of even 20 years from now…will still be FREE for you.

"Each Of The Parts That Came In The System Added

Something Different And By The End Of It, I Felt Like I Knew

Everything I Needed To Know To Build A World Class Body"

"Arun, I have always had issues with confidence. I thought If I went into the gym, people would tease me as I didn’t know what to do. I thought, they would look at me and laugh. I really did struggle with confidence.

When I came across your page, your story really inspired me, so I chose to get your program and read it in my own time. Each of the parts that came in the system added something different and by the end of it, I felt like I knew everything I needed to know to build a world class body.

I felt motivated and I felt just that bit more confident to go to the gym and workout.

So I started following your step by step system just over a year ago and it turns out, due to the information I've picked up, I now feel like I know more than a lot of other people out there. In fact, I regularly see people making those crazy mistakes you’ve talked about.

I am now a confident guy, and have girls approaching me all the time, even though I think I’ve found the girl of my dreams! ;). My confidence has really grown and grown.

I wake up every morning look at myself in the mirror and feel proud of what I have achieved, I feel confident as I walk out of the door and my sex life has improved (my new girlfriend even calls me her Sex god, can you believe it!). I feel like a completely new person, and its all down to you!

Thanks for being an inspiration, I hope others like me find your program because it is worth way more than what I got it for!

Fredrik Adolfson
Gothenburg, Sweden

"Can’t Believe You Gave Me So Many Tools To Help Me

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"Yo Arun, I used to be a shy guy, who really had no shape and wouldn’t get noticed and just like you, my buddies got all the ladies attention. They used to ridicule me as I was 21 and had never even had a girlfriend or even kissed a girl! No Joke!

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I am definitely starting to see some great results and have finally kissed my first girl, who now happens to be my first girlfriend. The best thing is she is as hot as hell!

Spencer Ewels
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After 2 years Of Making Excuses & Being Lazy, Alexander

Found BB4I, Which Turned Him Into

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"For the last 2 years I have been saying how I need to get into shape, and I had bought plenty of products which either just sat in my garage or on my book shelf. When I saw the BB4I system had a book written by you on motivation and getting driven to get your body into shape, I was instantly attracted, so I bought it.

I chose to read that book first, and follow the mental exercises you had set. And literally one month from starting those mental exercises I was in the gym, I was following your full nutritional routine and all the other practical suggestions you had suggested. I can’t believe the results I am achieving already and its only been 2 months of me training, and I already see my abs starting to show through. I will keep you up to date afterwards on my progress!"

Alexander Eder
Vienna, Austria


Look, I already know that the strategies I'm revealing work and will deliver you results, because they have got me and thousands of others out there that dream, chiseled, hard rock body. So to make this a complete no-brainer, I am offering you an iron-clad money back guarantee.

That’s Right, I’m offering you 60 days no risk to trial the bodybuilding4idiots system and if still, for ANY reason, you are not satisfied within 60 days of purchase, I will give you a full refund, No Questions Asked, Plus I'll Let You Keep The Whole System For FREE!


That’s right for any reason on earth, you don’t like the product, you can return it to me for every single last cent back.

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The elusive 6 pack, which you once found so hard to find is staring back at you. Your chest is chiselled and so muscular it pushes out through the t-shirt you just put on.

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Your Complete Training, Nutrition & Fitness Guide to Insane Muscle Growth And Fat loss



Your Step By Step Roadmap & Action Plan To Ensure You Never Loose Your Way Again!


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Giving You The Power To Defeat Genetics And Personalize Your Exercise And Nutrition Routine Specifically To Your Body Type.


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Your Easy To Follow Instruction Plan To Accurately Assess Your Body & Results In The Privacy Of Your Own Home


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Teaching You How To Get Rid Of Your Excuses & Create A Driven Mindset To Ensure You Take Action & Actually Achieve Your Dream Body!


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